Scuba Diving – Pemba, Mozambique.

The bay offers protection to an extensive variety of soft and hard coral that attract a legion of species, even the rare 1,000kg oceanic sunfish, large potato bass, Napoleon wrasses, dolphins, whales and turtles. Ideal for professional and novice marine photographers, in warm and calm waters.
2009 proved to have the biggest display of Humpback Whales with up to 5 whales at a time often seen on the shore breaching. It is incredible to dive with the orchestra of the male whales singing their mating rituals right throughout the dive between July-October.
The bay is the perfect hunting grounds for kingfish, dogtooth tuna, great barracuda, couta, dolphin fish and wahoo.
This region has year-round diving conditions. Shortie wetsuits are usually worn with temperatures from 26C to 29C. July and August is winter, it can drop to 24C.

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